Dirt Bike News - Day Two of the Wiseco Mini MX Championships - Dirt Rider Magazine

Thunderstorms through the night showered Mammoth Mountain with just enough rain for a perfectly groomed track for day two of the Wiseco Mini. The day's improved conditions made for great racing, and less hard-luck than day one!Wednesday was much better for Suzuki's Nico Izzi. After finishing second again in the Supermini class to Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto—who dominated both Supermini and 85cc 14-15—Nico came from behind to catch Day One winner Honda's Trent Pugmire. Pugmire lead as they came around the tree turn and drag raced side by side to the top of the uphill. Pugmire held the lead until Izzi set him up with a great outside-inside pass as they accelerated through the whooped out downhill. Nico took the checkers with Trent just a few bike lengths behind.Racing in the second moto of the 65 class 6-8 was one of the more interesting motos of the day. KTM-mounted Justin Hill got tangled on the start and had to roll back down the starthill to clear the downed bike. Once he got going, he and his KTM were flying around the mountain course. After catching and passing Michael Maze for the lead, he threw it away in the back section with a half a lap to go, letting Maze back in the lead. Hill remounted and charged back past Maze for a self-inflicted, hard earned win.Mammoth MX week continues with the final days approaching. Practice day for the big bikes (125 and 250 classes) is Thursday followed by the main events Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We'll update you on who is out there pounding out laps in preparation for the final three days of the Mammoth Mountain Motocross.Does Mammoth Mountain MX have a future?The Mammoth Mountain Motocross has been in jeopardy over the last few years and the question of its continuance has been raised. Currently, the Mammoth Mountain MX Track is closed pending an Environmental Assessment for permit reissuance, but the '03 and '04 Mammoth MXs were still allowed to take place.Thursday night the town is meeting to discuss the findings of this assessment on the 18-acre motocross track in the Inyo National Forest. Hopefully, the findings will be in favor of the keeping the event. Mammoth Mountain MX is a classic and we would hate to see it go!Results:****65cc 6-8
1.) Justin Hill - KTM
2.) Michael Maze - KTM
3.) Ty Simone - KTM
4.) Zac Commans - KTM
5.) Nicky LaPaglia - KTM65cc 9-11
1.) Eli Tomac - Suz
2.) Blake Baggett - Kaw
3.) Chris Plouffe - Kaw
4.) Jason Anderson - Kaw
5.) Coby Adair - Suz85cc 9-11
1.) Eli Tomac - Suz
2.) Blake Baggett - Kaw
3.) Nick Paluzzi -Kaw
4.) Chis Plouffe - Kaw
5.) Jason Anderson - Kaw85cc 12-13
1.) Nico Izzi - Suz
2.) Trent Pugmire - Hon
3.) Terren O'Dell -Kaw
4.) Trey Canard - Kaw
5.) Cole Seeley - Suz85cc 14-15
1.) Ryan Villopoto -Kaw
2.) Tye Hames - Suz
3.) Casey Logan - Yam
4.) Kyle Cunningham - Kaw
5.) Joshua Huerta - KTMSuper Mini
1.) Ryan Villopoto - Kaw
2.) Nico Izzi - Suz
3.) Trent Pugmire - Hon
4.) Trey Canard - Kaw
5.) Tyler Villopoto