Pre-Moto Warm-Up Stretch With John Dowd - Dirt Rider Magazine

Only a few people in the world can catch John Dowd on the track, so we caught him just before he got on the bike while he was stretching. At 44 years old, Dowd placed second in a moto and third overall at the 2009 Southwick National, so he knows a thing or two about..."stretching" out a career. "At my age I have to do this stuff every time I ride. If I don't stretch at least a little bit, I really feel it afterward. It's good to loosen up and warm up your muscles a little."


"I really like this one. When I grab my fender like this I can get a pretty good stretch in my core, and sometimes I get a couple little cracks out of my back and it just seems to loosen things up and make me feel more limber and ready to go."


"Both my knees have had surgeries, and they are pretty tight. When I get down like this it stretches my knees out a bit, and then when I lean back I can feel it through my quads. This is a stretch you can do even on the line right before a moto. I'll just drop down and loosen up my knees a little bit and just try to warm things up."


"I feel this stretch in my hamstrings and my lower back."


_"I do this stretch to both sides. I've never been very flexible this way, and I've had injuries where you just slide out in a corner real abruptly and it stretches you just this way. It's good to be at least a little warmed up and limber in this direction."__**Want to learn more about what Dowdy's up to? Check out his website at**_