Berm-To-Flat Corners with Ryan Dungey - Dirt Rider Magazine

Some turns have big bowls, some turns are flat, and some combine both just to keep you on the edge of your seat. Factory Makita Suzuki rider Ryan Dungey takes you through the transition of a supercross bowl turn that empties out into a slick, flat sweeper.To learn more about Ryan Dungey drop in at

1 "The berm is where you pivot and line up for the sweeper. Make sure you're looking ahead so you get your full pivot. Roll on the throttle as you exit the berm and make sure to weight the outside peg. Use the berm for as much turning as possible."
2 "Going from the berm to flat, be really smooth with the throttle. If you get on the gas too hard, the bike just drifts out. You're better off being patient, letting it stick and then going strong versus making a mistake and giving up a second."
3 "If you're sliding the rear, you're not really hooking up. You want the tires to roll, not slide. If your front end starts to slide on a sweeper, you want to lighten up the front, kind of pull it up and let it recorrect and get back tracking."
4 "If you're not looking ahead, you'll drift off. Look where you want to go, weight the outside peg and put pressure in with your knee and squeeze the tank tight, then you use your upper body to control the bike."