Handling The Pressure with James Stewart - Riding - Dirt Rider Magazine

James Stewart is expected to win. That adds more pressure to perform than most riders experience. Yes, James is human, and he let us in on some things he does to keep the race-day pressure from getting to him that you can apply at your races. Maybe this will allow you to dominate locally likes James does nationally. Just be sure to thank him from the podium."I try to focus on what I've done in training. Sometimes you get so nervous you just want to quit. But I think that's the thing that's gonna make you go even harder. If you're scared, that means you're going to really focus on it and try to get it done."****"I'm just kinda quiet and stay in my own zone and focus on listening to my music or thinking about something I'll do afterward, think about a stop by McDonald's, whatever it is. I listen to all types of music. Electronic, dance, rap, country, whatever; it just depends on what kind of zone I'm in."****"Before the 30-sec board goes up but when I'm on the line, I'm just focusing on the start. I feel like that's where the race is won or lost. Just trying to stay up out of the first corner. Get through that first hundred yards first or decent."****"Once the board goes up-I just try to beat the guy to the right and left of me. I try to focus on that gate and watch it, and be to the corner first. Nothing really changes for me when the board goes up and when it goes sideways."