Dislodge Your Bike From A Snowdrift! - Trail Tips - Dirt Rider Magazine

Getting stuck in the snow is no picnic (unless, of course, you're on a Christini AWD bike, in which case you wouldn't be stuck in the first place), but there are several things you can do to free your ride from the icy clutches of a cold, deep rut. The first is to shut off the throttle before you bury yourself any deeper. Then dismount (trust me, your bike will stay put) and start breaking the snow immediately in front of your bike with your boots. You don't have to make a perfect line, but a bit of packing will go a long way. The effort of pushing the front wheel through deep, crusted snow is what stopped you in the first place.Once you've made about 15 feet of a good line, fire up your bike and click second or third-like sand, snow is easier if you're a gear or even two higher. Ease the throttle on and try to make the rear end hook up with a controlled spin. Whatever you do, do not abuse the clutch too much! Keep your body weight neutral and somewhat dead on the seat, and try to rock the bike a bit to get it free while you paddle with your feet. Once you get going and actually build some momentum, put your feet on the pegs, lean back and try to aim for shallower snow. If you pick your lines well and let the bike move underneath you, you should now be free and clear. And if you get stuck again, go back to step one and repeat as necessary!Got a Trail Tip? Send it and some pictures to karel.kramer@sorc.com, subject: Trail Tips.