Drew Bezanson BMX Star - Dirt Rider Magazine

With Fox Racing just a few doors down from Dirt Rider, the occasional opportunity comes up to meet some of their athletes. Earlier today I got the opportunity to interview Drew Bezanson for an "I Ride" story. Drew was incredibly enthusiastic. I don't know if Fox had been keeping him inside a cubicle picking swatches for the next hoodie line or what, but he was absolutely thrilled to be pushing around Justin Barcia's old race bike for photos in the Fox facility back area (where their minibike track was being transformed into some new play area).After my super-journalist skills coaxed the interview out of Drew and I mentored DR's Art Director Joe McKimmy in how to press down the little button on the top of a camera, Drew showed us some footage of him ripping around Throttle 215 MX Park in Salt Lake City, Utah -

And if you want to see him at his day job, check this out -

I think the guy's pretty good on two wheels. Watch for his upcoming I Ride and maybe we'll find some excuses to get the guy in the mag again. Pro Riding Secret on doing a backflip and riding it out backwards, anyone?...