Hangtown Crossover Challenge - Dirt Rider Magazine

Each year athletes from other action sports gather for the Crossover Challenge, and for 2010 round one was held at the Hangtown National opener the day before the AMA pros hit the track. This year's Crossover promoter Aaron Cooke somehow got the track to open up the full National track, so the action stars got their chance to launch all the massive jumps that they dared.Usually the media wave takes off after the athletes and tries to catch them. It's not too difficult to pick off a few, because these are not full-time motocrossers, just top athletes in other disciplines that love, or recently discovered, motocross. Yes, there are even some near-beginning riders learning the basics. This year I heard the media wave would be sent off first, then I learned GoPro helmet cameras was one of the event sponsors - and the synapses fired in the old noodle and I thought of a great way to give a virtual tour of (most of) the Hangtown track and get some cool shots of the faster of the Crossover racers, all in HD.I confess I took the chicken chute around the big drop near the finish line. The impact was pretty harsh for anyone not leaping down to the pro landing. So not everyone who caught me is shown in this clip, our second moto, but somehow there were still plenty of racers made it into the video.There are rumors of another Crossover race at the final National at Pala Raceway in Septemer. Let's see if Cooke can pull it off again!2010 Hangtown Crossover Challenge Results

||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---| |1|Ian Price|82|Snowboarding|2|1| |2|Shawn Palmer|555|Snowboarding|1|2| |3|Aaron Cooke|90|BMX|4|3| |4|Chris Roach|255|Snowboarding|5|4| |5|Mark Silva|27|MTB|9|6| |6|Errol Kerr|62|Skier|7|8| |7|Allan Cooke|25|BMX|3|12| |8|Gunnar Newquist|280|Skier|10|7| |9|Daron Rhalves|133|Skier|8|10| |10|Jimmy Garcia|30|BMX|15|5| |11|Bryan Noe|47|Snowboarding|11|9| |12|Phil Tinstman|1|MTB|12|11| |13|Cameron Zink|26|MTB|13|14| |14|Keith Hutchins|diff bikes|Snowmobile|16|13| |15|Joey Washburn|927|Snowboarding|18|15| |16|Jim Moran|182|Skier|19|17| |17|Shawn Sterken|609|Snowboarding|21|16| |18|Casey Kelly|928|Skateboarding|20|19| |19|Trevor Ricioli|777|Skier|14|25| |20|Tony Sabatella|152|Snowboarding|22|18| |21|Tony Campos|49|BMX|27|20| |22|Delene Dippel|102|Snowmobile|26|21| |23|Wade Speyer|680|Skateboarding|24|24| |24|Brian Patch|34|Skateboarding|28|22| |25|Tyler Edmond|579|Snowboarding|25|27| |26|Zack Earley|2|BMX|32|23| |27|Jason Hale|75|Snowboarding|31|26| |28|Nate Holland|4x|Snowboarding|29|29| |29|Deidra Geddis|105|Snowmobile|30|28| |30|Monty Roach|469|Snowboarding|17|DNF| |31|Aaron Vincent|528|Snowboarding|23|DNS| |32|Jay Grube|442|Snowboarding|33|DNS| |33|Alex Schlopy|453|Skier|34|DNS| Crossover event sponsors: SRH, Dunlop, GoPro, Haro Bikes, Pro Taper, Nordica, Vention.