Posters, Puh-leeze!

Dirt rider, (I had issues finding a way to contact you.) I wanted to know why you never have any posters. I thought I should just subscribe to Transworld motocross instead. I like your mag but I would appreciate it if you had posters. My buddies always brag that they have more Travis pastrana posters than me.Cassie

Via Email_I agree with you, Cassie: Posters would rock. But wouldn't you rather want to know how to adjust the valve timing on your XR400, or fix a flat tire with nothing but a Q-Tip and some chain lube? We may not be the coolest magazine out there, but we certainly try to bring you the best information and tests each month. If posters are what you crave, just rip out Hot Shots and tack those pages to your wall! -Chris Denison_