Husky Suspension Tips - Dirt Rider Magazine

In response to the WR300 Husqvarna article: Although I have no experience with the WR300 but my TXC450 has the twin chamber Marzocchi Shiver forks and Sachs shock. I had mine worked on by a guy up the Pacific North West named Les Tinius, his shop is called LTR or LT-Racing. This choice was on the advice of a bunch PNW Husky racers/riders on the forum site Cafe Husky. Les did a great set up on mine and created a nice flowing plush ride that still will withstand drop offs and XC jump bottoming. His forks and Sachs shock mods have gotten me through two National Hare & Hounds, a load of tough very technical Tecate rides and the Rynoland Western Hare Scramble, among other track and trail rides. If you guys keep the WR300 around for while for testing Les is a viable option for suspension. Note: on Ryno's MX track my enduro suspension (with no clicker adjustments) was wallowing, but on the Rynoland single track and rocky technical stuff the thing just rails. Thanks and see you guys soon.Robert Nantista
Poway, Ca.
Dirt Rider has always said that a good dealer is enough reason to buy a certain brand of bike over another. The same is true of a good suspension guy. Once you find a pro you can work with, sticking with him makes more sense than shopping around for a different shop every time you buy a bike. And the information that a company has done testing and has good settings for less mainstream brands like Sachs and Marzocchi is great news. Most suspension tuners will tell you if they have experience with certain components. As you have learned, a company that has tested with a pro rider or team, like Wyatt Seals in GNCC, Zip-Ty Racing in the West and WER in the Northeast, will usually have better settings than a company working with only your input. When I rode the Seals-modified 450 I was very impressed. -Karel Kramer