Weekend Warrior: Riding the Erzberg Prologue - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dear Dirt Rider,
Riding the Erzberg Prologue was something new for me. I live in Germany so I ride only motocross tracks and a few trail areas by the airbase. Going flat out on mining roads filled with huge rocks and gravel was something Id never done before. My dad and I had been to Erzberg last year and seeing how awesome it was we new we had to try the prologue this year. My dad put a 16 tooth countersprocket on my YZ80 and I was ready to ride the prologue. When we got there on Thursday night we unloaded the van and went to sleep. In the morning there was a Red Bull tent next to our camping spot and we woke up to bikes blasting next to us. We were camped right next to the prologue start. Taddy Blazusiak and Geoff Aaron and Kyle Redmond were all right next to us! I got all there autographs. It was pretty cool to see these guys up close. My first go at the prologue on Friday was amazing (for me) I was nervous at first but once I settled in it was a blast. I forgot to warm my bike up when I was in the chute so that slowed me down at the start. I finished 1108 out of 1500. The mountain was great and I wish my YZ had a 7th gear! My second run was good to but I crashed in the twistys after the start. It was slick and I lost time getting my bike started. I finished 1158 overall. I felt bummed about crashing but there were plenty of 450's behind me so not too bummed. Erzberg was a truly cool experience. Next year I'm going back but on 125! See yeah next year!
Josh Moyer****DR,
My ten cents after Josh's report - What a blast! Way different than I thought it would be. Respect for the fast guys...Next year we'll do it again and hopefully place a little better. I won't line up behind my kid again though. We ride quite a bit and I've never "worried" watching Josh ride motocross. But watching him riding it wide open in 6th while dodging mini boulders like asteroids freaked me out! Anyway, we're hooked and now we're stacking logs at our local trail riding spot. Thanks for your time and hope to see you next year.
Darin Moyer