Juan Diego's Day in the Dirt - Dirt Rider Magazine

This year the 11th annual A Day in the Dirt was an event like no other. Troy Lee Designs and Elrod Racing hosted the event and the attendance turnout was jaw dropping. As I rolled up on Sunday to the main entrance, I was astonished by the amount of RV's that crowded the sideline fence; staff was ready and plentiful making sure that everything was going smoothly. After sign up, I checked out the track from the bleachers and was shocked by the giant crater that was located in the middle of the track. The track ran through the center of a cement mine that gave the course exciting up hills and down hills.The race schedule started with a parade lap at 8am and after that the 85cc and odd class was lined up to race. Following was the 50's, 65's, and odd size minis; then it was the N-Style Senior Vet GP; after that the Sunday Open GP; next was Moto-A-GoGo Pro Am/ Team race; and finally to top the weekend off was the Coup the Grace. There was a lot of action in each one of these classes that kept the crowd cheering and entertained. The Coup the Grace is the traditional race of the event where riders wear costumes and have fun acting goofy during the one and a half to two hour race.As we went up to the starting line for the Coup the Grace, I noticed how we were running out of space at the starting line and riders were starting to line up behind other riders. Soon the starting line looked like an army of motorcycle armed soldiers at the front line ready for battle. As we were being lectured on rules that needed to be followed during the race, out of nowhere the siren of two CHP officers cried as they followed a suspect on to the motocross track. All riders where distracted by the show that was going on and when the CHP officers were pulling of the track to grab the suspect the starting flag went down and the Coup the Grace took off. There was a slight pile up on the first turn but it was cleared in a matter of seconds, shortly after that, riders were on the track racing bar to bar and also racing in their own goofy ways to attract the spectators.The Coup the Grace was the main show of the weekend that lasted close to two hours. The costumes and the vintage riders decorated the race and gave it its trade mark that it is so well known for. For those of you that have never been to this event that was created by Troy Lee and his team, you better get ready and attend in 2009 for the 12th event that will also go down in history like no other. Every year A Day in the Dirt keeps getting better and better to a point where it will become a national holyday for motocross riders.

Look closely. Not many cop bikes have knobby tires.
Bright sunshine, clear skies, loamy track, Red Bull shade tent. Nothing to complain about here.
Spectators could line up at the edge of the pit and see most of the track.
The track was high speed with a lot of hills.
Ready to go for the Coupe De Grace, the main race of the weekend event.
The riders begin to line up for the Coupe De Grace.
The turn out was impressive for the event and the final race.
Riders battle on the straights with the throttles pinned.
The event is all about fun. This rider's wearing a tutu.