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Super TroopersI live part time in Bethlehem, Connecticut. It is a real small town. Me and one of my friends were riding in our trails and little powerline track that we have been riding for years. It is very rough. All the rocks are called the "Endurocross section." Then along came a state trooper, DEP, and town cop. They almost ran me over. They hauled our bikes away (which cost $75 to get back) and we had to go to court twice, which ended up as 10 hours of community service, and 13 months probation for both of us, and a fine. Just for riding our spot. Now we can't ride there and we have to travel 45 minutes to an hour and a half to get to any tracks around here. Then we pay all the fees just to ride. We are running broke and can barely afford all the things needed to race!Erik Rasmussen
Watertown Ct.
If you were trespassing or riding somewhere that you weren't supposed to, then shame on you, Eric! Don't give dirt bikers a bad name by poaching illegal spots or tearing up land that isn't for riding. I tend to think that you may have been riding somewhere that you weren't supposed to be, considering the amount of trouble that you got in. That said, I too got in a fair amount of trouble for riding at our local sand track when I was growing up in Colorado. If the cops who busted you were as rude as the cops who busted me, they probably gave you an earful for how "unlawful" you were being. Next time this happens, just do what I did and remind them that if they want you off your dirt bike, you'd be happy to go join a gang, learn to break into cars or take up graffiti to help pass your time. You may have been in the wrong and deserved every ounce of punishment that you got, but the cops should remember that there are a lot worse things that you could be doing! Now, stay out of trouble, OK? -Chris Denison