Letter Rip! Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

I wanted to take a minute and give you guys props on a fine mag. Most of the other publications are as thick as the old school World Book Encyclopedia but are nothing more than catalogs of advertisements from companies I have little or no interest in. I am usually disappointed to find there is little to no useful information contained therein. Not so with Dirt Rider, you guys feature what I, the consumer, feel is the most import unbiased bit of information you can arm yourself with when going to purchase your latest and greatest 2 wheel dirt slinging $7000 wonder - the Long Haul report. I have included a pic of my bike that I purchased after following your long haul report, an 06 KXF450 that I bought new in January 07. I paid about what people were asking on a used 450 for a brand new bike. I would have normally never considered a first year all-new bike, but after reading the long haul report I was sold. It has been a great bike for me. I have made every modification you guys recommended, from the Leo Vince full Ti system, K&N; filter, pro circuit link and the Fasst Company bars. I even tightened up the handling after reading the New Bike for $1500 article with the '08 motor mount, and man did that make a difference. So thanks guys and keep up the good work. Oh and by the way that sweet Thor Pro Circuit gear (Letter Rip prize May 2008) would just happen to be a perfect match.
pant size 38, jersey xl, gloves xl
Johnny Walker
Houston TX 77076Glad you like the magazine, even happier you're stoked on your bike. Now if this was a downright ploy to get the gear, I'd have passed it off as outright ass kissing. But you supplied photographic evidence of your loyalty and trust in the magazine. You sure you didn't win that seat cover last month?Anyways, I'm not the guy in charge of sending stuff out, but since those were my stories, I'm recommending you for the gear if it is still around. If not, maybe we can hook you up with something else...It pays to suck up.
Jimmy Lewis