Four Riders To The Main For MDK/WWR - Dirt Rider Magazine

January 21, 2008****Newbury Park, CA. In what was a stellar weekend for the MDK/Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) team, four riders advanced to the main event, led again by team captain Heath Voss. In addition to Voss, Daniel Blair, Tiger Lacey, and Manu Rivas Gomez rose to the occasion and proved they are among the best riders in the world.A challenging 1986 "retro" track greeted the 11 riders in the DeCal Works Hog Haven Privateer Support Program. The rider line up this week was Heath Voss, Ryan Abrigo, Vincent Blair, Jiri Dostal, and Manu Rivas Gomez in the premier class, with Daniel Blair, Charles Castloo, Matty Dowell, Ramon Guzman, Tye Hames and Tiger Lacey riding Lites bikes.8 riders worked their way through the afternoon qualifiers and into the night show, as MDK/WWR riders showed talent and determination across the board.Tiger Lacey started his 2008 season with a bang, running 10th place for much of the main event before eventually finishing 13th. Daniel Blair continued to improve as he holeshot his heat, finishing fourth and improved his finishing position in the main event over last week by two places. Manu Rivas, riding tough through a knee injury, twisted the throttle and showed some speed with a seventh in his heat and 15th place in the main. Finally, Heath Voss continued his quest for privateer of the year by notching a 13th in the main. Heath is just four points out of 10th place in the series.Scott Kandel, Chief Altruistic Officer, elaborated, "It's an understatement to say I was impressed with the team this week. It seems like everyone has stepped up their game to a new level. One main the first week, two the second, and four this week...If we keep going in this direction, the sky is the limit."Smooth Industries Founder Mike Koger said, "As a sponsor of this unique effort, I couldn't ask for more. The riders' performances proved that true privateers can still compete at the highest level, if afforded the resources."Special thanks to MDK for providing the technology to move our riders towards the top and a big round of applause for the Interns provided by the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. Without these and other sponsors, our team would not be possible.Please visit our websites at,, and