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It's the biggest motorcycle trade show in the business and it happens every year in Indianapolis: The Motorcycle Dealer Expo. It's exclusively for moto-industry members, that means no public allowed! But that doesn't mean we can't give you more behind the scenes goodies. Check out video clips from some of the most-intriguing stuff we found at the show. See product demonstrations from the dealers themselves, and more new moto-swag hitting shelves any day now.
EK Chain ZST and ZZZ Technology

EK Chain is boasting a few new products this year featuring their latest innovations. Their ZST (Zero Stretch Technology) chain eliminates chain stretch, so you don't have to do the initial break-in adjustment. Check out the video for more on their newest innovations including their Triple Z chain: lighter, stronger with ZST and a factory-finish.
Scot Harden's Red Bull KTM Dakar Rally BikeScot Harden's authentic Dakar Rally bike was on display at the expo, up for silent auction for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Harden was on hand to give us a tour of the bike - once we finally halted the Dakar story telling between him and Jimmy. Check out the video as Scot talks about the bike's capabilities and explains the complicated on-board navigation system. Click here to see video of Scot Harden's KTM Dakar Rally bike.Scott USA Works KitSmith is no longer the only roll-off in town. Scott USA came out with their Works Kit: a roll-off system that also converts to tear-offs. How does it work? Glad you asked. Click here for video of Scott USA's Reidar Oyen demonstrating the 2-in-1 tear-off/roll-off goggle system.Ohlins Suspension Product DemoThe Ohlins booth had some cool gadgety-things we just couldn't keep our hands off of. Their product demo included a see-through shock and reservoir, and a clear steering damper—functional so you can see how shocks and dampers work. Click here to see one of the coolest demonstrations at the expo.Red Starcross Michelin TiresYou may remember the yellow tires Pastrana sported during the X-Games last year, well they're back by popular demand, this time in red. Don't let skeptics fool you—the tire isn't merely coated; it's red through the knob. The tire is made from a silica compound (rather than carbon), making it neutral in color. They can then add any color they like. The silica-based tire wears a bit faster than the standard carbon, but also has a side effect of shedding mud better. Click here to see Michelin's Randy Richardson explain more.Berik BootsSupercross fans with sharp eyes have been asking, "What kind of boots is Ricky wearing?" RC has been in development with Berik Boots designing his signature motocross boot. Berik chose to use Carmichael to develop their new high-end boot for one, because he's the best, and two, because he's demanding of his equipment, accepting nothing less than perfect. Perfect is what Berik is shooting for.What they have developed together is the Carmichael Replica OVS-Pro. Berik's cutting-edge, top of the line boot is made with kangaroo hide, rather than cow leather. Kangaroo is much lighter and has been used in road racing wear for years. It is also more-flexible, and wears stronger. Berik is the leading authority on using kangaroo hide, and so far, is the only boot company in the industry to use it.The OVS-Pro also features adjustable and replaceable straps and buckles, a replaceable antibacterial footbed, shock absorbing internal steel shank and leather heat shields. They will be availible in a variety of colors including a limited-edition black and gold model called "The Champion" featuring Carmichael's signature.The boot is now in it's third generation, and is planning to be released at the end of the summer. Berik will have a range of motocross boots, from the Carmichael replica OVS-Pro to the mid-range "Contender" and the "Junior Contender" for kids. No price has been released for the boots yet, but Berik promises it will be around 20% less than the popular top-shelf Alpinestar Tech 10 boot.Here are some more photos of eye-catching Indy goodies for you to enjoy...

Scott's new Works Kit lens can go from tear-offs to roll-offs.
Click to see the Ohlins suspension demonstration.
Leave flamin' red burnouts with Michelin's new red Starcross tires.
Were you one of the sharp eyes who noticed Ricky's custom boots?
The Berik OVS-Pro boots come with adjustable and replaceable parts.
Look for limited-edition Carmichael replica OVS-Pros coming this fall.
White Brothers CRF50 (the same kit Nylander used to "pimp his ride" at the Mini Moto).
But he wasn't cool enough to run this trick carbon fiber tank cover.
Peaked pegs, also from White Brothers.
Ready Racing's pre-oiled air filters (not new, but worth another mention).
New Acerbis women's gear: Pink done tastefully.
Fox's new 450 Rockstar
"This one time at Dakar..."
Oakley's new Thump: sunglasses with a built-in mp3 player.
Does it get any cooler than this?
Motonation's Tony was at the show, despite last year's kidnapping fiasco...
Oakley's concept truck
Like a glove!
Bell's new Moto 8 off-road helmet
The Podium stand also by MSR
Jardine's new Ti subframe
Sunday morning's "Breakfast of Champions" charity event
Guy Cooper and Malcolm Smith
Scott Summers does a few reps with the Guy Cooper replica Xtreme mini.