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Mike Metzger has really done it this time, check out his latest trickThe happiest place on earth? As he tells it, riding at the X Games Xperience at Disney's California Adventure has made Mike Metzger the happiest freestyle motocross rider on earth. "All summer long I've been able to ride with and be inspired by some of the best freestyle motocross riders in the game. Four times a day we get to put on a show for the crowd and try to out do one another" Metzger goes on to say "It has totally reinvigorated my passion for freestyle motocross and made me want to go to X Games in Los Angeles and see what I can add to my medal collection."His newest trick debuted at the X Games Xperience produced by MXi on Monday August 4th. It's a fully inverted heel clicker that he's dubbed the "McNasty". It's an instant classic, combining his original signature trick, the heel clicker with his ground breaking back flip over a gap jump.In addition to the "McNasty" Metzger is also regularly back-flipping off a standard competition ramp over a 75 foot gap jump! That feat is close to equaling his world record 80 foot back-flip during the 2002 X Games in Philadelphia. The key to it all? Metzger says "As long as I get to ride my motorcycle and be challenged by my fellow riders I'm happy and when I'm happy I just want to push the limits of what people think can be done."From there he will go on to compete in the X Games in Los Angeles, CA. Freestyle Moto X finals will be held at the Los Angeles Coliseum on Saturday August 16th. The Step Up and Big Air competition will be held at the Staple Center on August 15th and 17th respectively. For the rest of the year Metzger will be pursuing a title in the Red Bull AMA Supermoto Championship, for more information log on to www.amaproracing.comMike Metzger would like to thank his family of sponsors that make his quest to be the "King of the Two Wheel Deal" possible: