Dakar Rally stage 12

After two days of rest, the Dakar Rally participants hit Stage 12, the 666km section from Bobo Dioulasso to Bamako and it proved to be an exceptional racing day for Larry Roeseler. The American Red Bull KTM Dakar rider placed ninth to keep him in his 16th overall position and his teammate Paul Krause move him up two places to 20th overall with a 20th place finish.It was an outstanding race for Roeseler; he claimed his best placement so far. The track was made for the Dakar-newcomer. It had a fast and firm surface and lots of zigzags; much like the tracks that the 46-year-old Californian is used to. "I liked the heat and the dust. That is what reminds me of home. Today everything was working out well." Roeseler added he enjoys every day that he can go on in this rally. "I want to climb on that podium in Dakar. That is my biggest goal. I'm collecting lots of experiences here. This Dakar rally is the climax of my racing career. It is just like the Super Bowl!"And his team coordinator Joe Barker was happy as well, stating, "Larry knows what he is doing. He is fast and that was what he was able to prove. The terrain was made for him."Tomorrow's Stage 13 will take the riders on a 734 km journey to Bamako to Ayoun El Altrous.And the latest on Scot Harden. He definitely broke his ankle in two places. He's going to take it easy for a couple of days.