Dirt Bike News - ASD Portable Supermoto Ramps - From Dirtbike Experts at Dirt Rider Magazine

With the world of extreme sports there is such a demand for portable ramps. ASD, a division of All Access Stage and Production, is on it when it comes to constructing some of the most trick ramps and stages around. Their operation supplies Tony Hawk with all of the needed ramps and stages for his extreme sports tour.With supermoto still growing and adapting to American markets, ASD along with the consulting genius of former two-time 125 national motocross champion Micky Dymond, have devised portable modular jumps for supermoto events. This way, if there is a difficulty bringing in dirt to an event, the ASD ramps will create a motocross, or what they call in Europe, hardcross appeal. The ramps can be used along with accompanying dirt sections as well.This is the latest design Micky Dymond has been testing and developing. For more information on All Access's action sport division, click here.Check out the video clip of Dymond hitting the table. The next big supermoto event will take place during the Cyclefest in Copper Mountain Colorado on August 23 and 24th.