Millville Is First AMA Pro Motocross Race For DeCal Works' Rookies

Kingston, IL (August 21st, 2008) - This was another of those very special weekends we have experienced, as a sponsor, during this 2008 AMA MX season.At Millville, we supported the debut of future pro stars Ben Lamay and Vince Friese, who surpassed our expectations for a first pro race, and saw the outstanding races of Jeff Alessi and Kyle Cunningham. Both Jeff and Kyle outdid themselves on the demanding Spring Creek MX track.Jeff scores a career best in the MX class and Kyle continues to surprise many with his speed, confirming why many believe in him, the MDK/Warthog Racing Academy and DeCal Works included. As the riders and teams made their way to the famous sands of Southwick, the DeCal Works crew worked on getting all graphics, background decal kits and accessories for all riders for the last 2 remaining rounds of the series.We are approaching the season finale and are already preparing 2009 and the next Supercross season. Lots of good things are in the making. Check back with us soon.DeCal Works riders overall results - AMA Motocross Championship - MILLVILLE, MINNESOTA - AUGUST 17, 2008:****MX
Jeff Alessi #801-6th (MDK/WRA)
Ben Lamay #526-19th (DeCal Works support-rider)
Kevin Rookstool #94-26th (MDK/WRA)
Jase Lewis #722-22st (DeCal Works support-rider)
Kyle Partridge #95-29th (MDK/WRA)
Travis Sewell #927-30th (DeCal Works support-rider)
Vince Friese #719-31st (DeCal Works support-rider)

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Kyle Cunningham #58-6th (MDK/WRA)
Shane Sewell #351-22nd (DeCal Works support-rider)_About DeCal Works:
Founded in 1989 by Ron and Janeen Joynt, DeCal Works has been the industry leader in pre-printed backgrounds and custom graphics for over 18 years. With a passion for racing, DeCal Works has since its early days, focused all its attention in supporting amateur and privateers riders."DeCal Works, The Original"