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You've stumbled onto Weekly Dirt, the place to go each week to get the latest news and updates from the world of dirt biking. This week we've got a plethora of off-road news, so let's dig in!

British Husaberg rider Graham Jarvis continues to dominate the world of extreme off-road racing. His most recent conquest is the Red Bull City Scramble - an Endurocross race staged in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. Course designer and Kiwi extreme enduro star Chris Birch brought in tons of rocks, dirt, logs, concrete and tires to transform the idyllic setting of T Pier in Westhaven, Auckland, into an Endurocross track of epic proportions. More than 10,000 spectators watched 80 riders battle it out for the City Scramble title. In the end, Jarvis reigned supreme, just as he had done at The Tough One and Hell's Gate.Check out this cool highlight video from the race here:

Photo by Shan Moore

GEICO Honda Supercross team members Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Kevin Windham, Justin Bogle and Will Hahn will be attending the opening round of the GEICO AMA EnduroCross series on May 4th, which will take place on Friday night before the Supercross finals in Las Vegas. The MX stars will be there to cheer on their fellow GEICO Honda counterparts Geoff Aaron, Kevin Rookstool and Keith Wineland in the EnduroCross series. And all of the GEICO Honda team, along with the other top EnduroCross racers, will be signing autographs at the Orleans Arena when the doors open at 7:00 PM on Friday, May 4th.

"I'm excited to see another EnduroCross race," Barcia said. "I really want to try it one of these days. I almost did last year but the guys at Honda didn't want me to get hurt so they talked me out of it. I'm glad to see the GEICO series growing because it's something different and I know people will like it if they go check it out. It's crazy with all the obstacles they put out there, and that makes it a lot of fun to watch."

If you are planning a trip to see the Supercross finals in Las Vegas, then make sure that you come in a day early to catch the GEICO AMA EnduroCross championship opener and X Games Qualifier. If you have never watched one in person, you will be blown away by the obstacles and intense racing action.

For more information, go to -Shan MooreWarning: be advised that a new blend of gasoline is going to be available soon. You can probably expect to see media releases saying something like "Reformulated", "Environmentally Friendly" or other buzzwords to describe the new E15 fuel.

Basically the new fuel is 15% Ethanol and the EPA has recognized the fact that not all vehicles and engine designs are compatible with the fuel. The regulation to advise consumers is a sticker on the pump.

Increased fuel issues in small engines will most likely be more common, and readjustments in fuel ratios and overall engine management will be necessary for performance applications. In motorcycles and small engines this change is going to add a degree of cost for many people.

Many also expect that fuel economy in larger vehicles such as Motorhomes is going to decline. -Jimmy LewisRace Tech is putting on their Technical Edge Seminar to teach you not-so-suspension-savvy know-it-all mechanics about the inner workings of your dirt bike's suspension. Paul Thede will be hosting four classes on suspension theory and practice. It is up to you if you want to attend one or all of the available classes. Paul will cover Suspension Theory, Kineolgix and Shop Skills as well as have an Advanced Class if you feel the need to brush up on forks and other shocking things.For the average Joe who wants to be fluent in suspension, then enroll for these classes! you dig Race Tech check them out on the social front: || Facebook: || Twitter: @RaceTechSuspen -Chris GreenThe OHV community recently mourned the loss of one of its greatest activists, Adena Cook, one of the original founders of the BlueRibbon Coalition, who passed away on

April 5th.Adena will be sorely missed, both by those that knew her, and by the recreation community to whom she gave so much. She will forever be in our hearts and thoughts, and her legacy of dedication, perseverance and determination will live on.

Ms. Cook was amongst those that aided founder, Clark Collins, in turning the Idaho Public Land User's Association into a national organization, re-titled the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC). She served as the newly created group's volunteer secretary until 1989, at which point she became the group's first Public Lands Director, and the second paid staff member.Adena worked tirelessly in her role as Public Lands Director for the coalition and was a strong advocate for protecting recreational access to public lands. She was among the first to establish the ties to land-managers and agencies that still help BlueRibbon in its vital role to this day. She also had a pivotal role in the efforts of Clark Collins to create a network of grassroots groups and individuals. A network that has become the heart and soul of the organization as it is today.Always pushing to modernize the Coalition and advance our methods of communication, Adena was instrumental in the Coalition's keeping up with the pace of technology. In her own words, " we were growing, achieving, and improving grassroots recreation activism, communication technology was changing the world. It primed all those pumps in all those springs that flowed into the creeks and rivers. We were among the first to use every bit of it...our timing was right on."Though she enjoyed a wide variety in her recreation, Adena was aways an avid snowmobiler.As part of her relentless drive to improve the Coalition and make it into a powerful tool for recreational advocacy, Adena initiated some of the earliest contacts with the legal firm of Moore-Smith-Buxton & Turcke, the firm that would eventually be integral to the BlueRibbon Legal Program.In the Coalition's first Supreme Court victory-defeating a lawsuit filed against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-Adena would later say, "I could never have imagined that, a few years after those meager beginnings, we would participate in a case that won before the Supreme Court. Our legal team is now one of the most important parts of BRC."That's all for now. Check us out this time next week.