Ride Engineering's Recession Buster - Dirt Rider Magazine

For the first time in our seven year history, this newsletter serves two purposes. Obviously to introduce Ride Engineering's newest, hottest products. And, we'd also like to offer our customers and dealers some additional savings in these tough economic times. For our customers, we've included a 10% discount code (RIDENG-NEWS-1) that has unlimited use on our web site for the entire month of April. For our dealers, calling in with this discount message (I SAW THE RIDE NEWSLETTER) any time in the month of April, we'll give you a 40 point margin and free shipping on stocking orders of $300 of more. We hope everyone takes advantage of this programwww.ride-engineering.com -- Phone: 949 722 8354 -- Fax: 949 722 8370 -- Toll Free: 800 805 1516This is what's new from Ride Eng.:****NEW! Engine Kill/Starter Switch
Since our last newsletter, we've found our switch can also be used as a starter switch on the majority of electric start off-road bikes including all Brembo clutch and front brake master-cylinder KTMs! What's trick about this product is that its integrated it into the clamp that holds the clutch lever or front brake master-cylinder with the intent to eliminate the stock engine kill or starter switch completely off the motorcycle! It should speed up handlebar changes and create more space for handguards, lap timers and other handlebar mounted accessories. msrp $49.95 (available in Silver or Black)NEW! 2009 Honda CRF450 22mm Offset Triple Clamps
For 2009 Honda finally gave us 20mm offset triple clamps, a modification Honda owner's have been making since the CR450's introduction in 2002 to help bend it into corners. The problem is the new shortened chassis improves the handling so much over the old design that is has now become overkill. Ride Eng. got together with Dirt Rider magazine to test these back to back with stock. Test riders said "it calms down the nervous front end making it better in ruts and on rough, loose terrain". When asked if the stock offset worked better anywhere in these type of conditions, the answer was "No, these worked better everywhere". msrp $459.90 (available in Red or Black)NEW! Blue Aluminum Banjo Bolts
Our aluminum banjos are 60% lighter than stock steel banjos and come with 14mm heads for easy installation. 2/banjos, 4/washers included. msrp $14.95NEW! ONE-PIECE Over-sized Bar Mount
Re-designed one final time to produce the lightest most resistive to twisting bar mount in our 7 year history! They weigh the same as a stock set of CR 7/8" bar mounts. These fit stock or after market rubber mounted triple clamps and the posts are removable in the event they bend from a hard crash. msrp $99.95 (available for all four Japanese brands)NEW! Yamaha 23.5mm Offset Triple Clamps
Designed for the '08-'09 chassis to improve turn in. msrp $419.90 (available in Blue or Silver)NEW! 20mm Offset for KXFs
We decided to offer another offset option to the ever popular 22s for people that really want super quick turn-in for other types of riding besides outdoor motocross (highly recommended for supermoto, arenacross and flat track). msrp $419.90 (available in black or green)NEW! Offset, newly redesigned RMZ Triple Clamps (new color option too)
Re-designed to fit the RMZ450's new front fender with large radius edges like Reed's factory clamps. Two offset options are available, 20 and 22 for riders to better tune the handling of their bikes. We've also dropped the blue in favor of black. msrp $419.90 (also available in Red)NEW! 2009 Yamaha R1 Fender Eliminator Kit
Newly designed to allow riders the option of mounting turn signals. Made from black anodized aluminum with instructions and mounting hardware included. msrp $84.95