Wil Hahn Ends The Season On The Podium - Dirt Rider Magazine

Jacksonville, FL - Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory rider Wil Hahn held strong to his promise that he would finish on the podium this year when he finished 2nd overall at the Jacksonville Supercross after leading over half of the race!Hahn's podium night started well when he pulled the early lead in his heat race and went on to win the race. Hahn got a great start, led each lap and took his second heat race win of the season with a 10 second lead on Nico Izzi. "The last two weeks I have felt great. My KTM has been performing flawless and I have finally found the speed I need. I plan to get the holeshot in the main and land on the podium," commented Hahn after his heat win.Hahn couldn't have predicted his own future better than he did in his heat winning speech. Hahn nailed the holeshot in the main and went on to lead an impressive nine laps over East Lites Champion Christophe Pourcel. Once in 2nd Hahn kept charging and held off the rest of the pack to finish a solid 2nd overall in his most extraordinary performance this season. Hahn was all smiles on the podium, "This is great! I couldn't ask for a better confidence booster heading to the East/West Shootout. I can't thank my sponsors enough. My mechanic has built me a great bike all season. My KTM is the best bike out there and I should have been doing this the whole season. I am so pumped to be heading to the outdoors because I know my Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Team is going to be 100% behind me again."Switching over to the Supercross class, Ryan Sipes was busy preparing for the start of his final Supercross heat this year as he will return to the West Lites series in two weeks. Sipes nailed the holeshot showing the whole crowd how powerful his orange bike is right from the start. Sipes rode a smooth heat race and easily qualified into the main event with a 6th place finish.Unfortunately Sipes couldn't repeat his heat race start in the main event and he rounded the first turn in 14th. He moved to 12th on lap two and maintained that position until the fourth lap when he dropped to 13th. He held 13th until lap fourteen when he crashed and remounted in 14th position where he finished for the night.Next Event: Seattle Supercross - April 18, 2009Overall Results Supercross Lites -
1) C. Pourcel
2) W. Hahn - KTM
3) A. Stroupe
4) D. Durham
5) B. Wharton
6) B. Tickle
7) M. Lemoine
8) B. Jesseman
9) M. Goerke
10) S. Clarke
11) D. Blair
12) J. Thomas
13) J. Lichtle
14) N. Izzi
15) C. Gilmore
16) J. Saylor
17) D. Jonon
18) S. Dally
19) T. Wharton
20) V. FrieseOverall Point Standings Supercross Lites -
1) C. Pourcel - 181
2) A. Stroupe - 148
3) N. Izzi - 119
4) B. Wharton - 118
5) W. Hahn - 105 Overall Results Supercross -
1) J. Stewart
2) C. Reed
3) K. Windham
4) J. Hill
5) A. Short
6) M. Alessi
7) T. Hahn
8) K. Chisholm
9) H. Voss
10) B. Laninovich
11) B. Helpler
12) B. Coisy
13) I. Tedesco
14) R. Sipes - KTM
15) T. Adams
16) M. Boni
17) J. Lawrence
18) J. Grant
19) D. Millsaps
20) P. CarpenterOverall Point Standings Supercross -
1) C. Reed - 315
2) J. Stewart - 310
3) A. Short - 225
4) J. Grant - 193
5) K. Windham - 193