Lafferty Wins Two In A Row - Dirt Rider Magazine

Forest Hill, LA - Shock Doctor/KTM Factory National Enduro rider Mike Lafferty won his second consecutive race of the season at the fourth round of the National Enduro Series. His teammate, Russell Bobbitt, holds the first two wins of the season.Lafferty rode strong throughout the entire day on the fast-paced tests. Despite the fact that the event was delayed due to strong rainstorms the week before - the course conditions were perfect. "It was a fun event and I enjoyed each test. Well, maybe I didn't enjoy the fifth test since I got a little bit turned around and lost valuable time," commented the eight-time National Enduro Champion.Bobbitt started strong but encountered a couple problems throughout the day. "I crashed twice, once in the second section and again in the fifth section. I also had a mechanical problem on the fourth section where I lost some time as well. But I had a good time today and I'm looking forward to the next round," stated Bobbitt.In addition to the Shock Doctor/KTM team riders on the podium another KTM finisher, Brad Bakken finished in the 2nd place position to make it a fully orange podium. With four rounds down, Lafferty and Bobbitt are keeping the points chase as tight as possible as Lafferty now sits 2nd in points just five points shy of Bobbitt. Both teammates each have two wins to their name.Next Event: April 26, 2009 - West Point, TNOverall Results -
1) Mike Lafferty - KTM
2) Brad Bakken - KTM
3) Russell Bobbitt - KTM

4) Jason Raines
5) Cory Kirkpatrick - KTM
6) Nick Fahringer
7) Cody Potts
8) Rory Sullivan
9) Zach Klamfoth
10) Carsten Cagle - KTM Overall Point Standings -
1) Russell Bobbitt - 106
2) Mike Lafferty - 101
3) Brad Bakken - 74

4) Jason Raines - 58
5) Nick Fahringer - 54