Kawasaki Promotes New Motocross Movie: Free Style Starring Corbin Bleu With Media Track Day - Dirt Rider Magazine

Despite the mainstream acceptance of motocross, it is still rare to see it portrayed correctly and in a positive light in mainstream movies. Kawasaki believes that a spring-'09 release of the feature film Free Style is one.It is no surprise that the movie's star Corbin Bleu rides a green bike in the film. But it might be a surprise to actually see an accomplished actor ride in real life. Bleu is best-known for a starring role in all three extremely popular High School Musical youth movies.To help promote the movie, Kawasaki recently rented the mini-bike track at Piru Motocross Park and invited the mainstream media, motorcycling (as well as their friends and family members between six and 16 years of age) to rub elbows and knobbies with Bleu. Kawasaki brought a Team Green semi, a mountain of riding gear, 20 KLX110s and eight KLX140s that never rested. While Bleu didn't look accomplished enough to perform his own stunts in the movie, he did look capable and safe on a bike.Check out our video section http://www.dirtrider.com/video/6203703/free-style-motocross-movie-trailer/index.html for a trailer of the new film and keep your eyes peeled for more news here on dirtrider.com.

Not all the fans on hand were female, and not-so-oddly enough, the moto boys in attendance found costar Madison Pettis (from The Game Plan and Corey in the House fame) worthy of some attention. We asked if she was riding, but she said it would probably be better if she learned to ride a bicycle first.
Considering Corbin Bleu's High School Musical fame, it was little surprise that many of the fans waiting to ride were young ladies like Cassandra Kramer (Karel Kramer's Daughter) and Nicky Ingram (left to right).
Kawasaki brought a herd of small bikes that delighted the young riders whether they had experience or not. Piru MX Park had the mini course dialed for the occasion.