AP Racing - AP Announces PRO LINE-UP For 2009 WORCS - Dirt Rider Magazine

AP Brakes USA has announced their 2009 PRO line-up that will be competing in the upcoming 2009 WORCS season. AP Racing has signed Taylor "The Threat" Roberts, Robby Bell, and Jamie Lanza under the Precision Concepts Kawasaki Tent. In addition, part of the PRO line-up will include Ryan Orr, Dennis Stapleton, and Penni Cyrus. "Taylor Roberts has a lot of momentum going into 2009, so much that we at AP gave him the nickname, The Threat," commented AP's Mark Kalpakoff. "We are excited to have signed Penni Cyrus to represent our woman's class. Each of this years AP riders' will once again be a testimony to the truth and efficiency of our brake pads." AP Brakes makes all other brake pads feel like two sticks of butter in the motorcycle's caliper. Don't believe us? Ask our riders.Agents plan to attend the entire 2009 WORCS series.
For more info on these riders please visit the AP Brakes Riders networkwww.myspace.com/apbrakes or www.apbrakesusa.comAbout: AP Racing
Anybody who races knows the key to going fast is being able to brake. Brake pads are one of the most important and also one of the most commonly overlooked chassis components. AP Racing in England has been manufacturing high quality disc brake systems since 1966 providing customers and race teams with "the world's best stopping power." Since their inception, AP Racing has won countless championships worldwide. The technology and experience they gained from their extensive NASCAR and Formula One car racing has carried over into their Motorcycle and ATV line of braking systems.AP Racing's exclusive brake pad material offers exceptional feel and long wear life. We believe AP Racing brakes are not for everyone, only those looking for the world's best brake performance.FACT: 21 OUT OF 49 NASCARS THAT RACED IN THIS YEAR'S DAYTONA 500 RAN AP RACING BRAKE SYSTEMS.****Fact: Bobby Bonds won the 2008 WORCS Title using AP Racing 294orr and 390orr Racing pads.****Fact: Top Supercross factory mechanics choose AP Racing super high temp brake fluid which has the highest boiling point over the competition.