Nathan Woods' New Film: OffRoad "The Ultimate How To" DVD Hits Shelves Today - Dirt Rider Magazine

Off-road- "The Ultimate How To" instructional film- scope the trailer and purchase here Robles, Ca- 11/24/08: The Assignment Inc. released their highly anticipated film: OffRoad, The Ultimate How To, Nathan Wood's new instructional video. The in-depth instructional DVD covers all aspects of off-road racing and riding. Nathan's mission in this comprehensive instructional DVD is to make you a better off-road rider and racer. In doing so, he takes you through all of the basics, from getting over logs to scaling the impossible rock-faced hillclimb. Nathan will also show you how to prep your bike for all conditions. Nathan Woods has raced all disciplines from Arenacross, Motocross, Supercross and now Off-road. A two-time National WORCS Pro Champion and ISDE American, Nathan has proven his ability and drive that has carried him to where he is today. A Factory Suzuki off-road rider by day, father and husband by night, "Woody" has become a household name and is recognized as one of the true elite off-road champions of today. Follow Nathan through the back hills of the beautiful central California coastal terrain, WORCS races, and hidden riding areas that only Nathan will let you into. Sit back, strap in and break out the notebook, because school is in session and "Woody" is the professor.The Assignment Inc. is a movie picture corporation based out of Paso Robles, Ca. Taylor Congdon uses his magic in this movie, filming the entire video in HD. He utilizes the famous helicopter follow shots, along with the Go-Pro waterproof digital camera to capture some of the most unique point of view shots ever seen.The film's title sponsor is Suzuki. Other film sponsors include: Dirt Rider Magazine, Go Pro, SRH, Bolt (Motorcycle Hardware), & VAS Entertainment.The film can be purchased for $24.99. Visit to receive your copy in time for Christmas._OffRoad, The Ultimate How To_- film length- 45 min. Plus tons of extra features.