Belgian Steve Ramon Is The Winner Of The Third Red Bull Knock Out - Dirt Rider Magazine

After a fervent battle between Dutch and French racers, a Belgian has finally finished in first place in the third Red Bull Knock Out. Steve Ramon (28) was too quick for all the others during the two 90 minute rounds of the toughest beach race in the world. Frenchman, Arnaud Demeester, came in second and the Belgian Johan Boonen took third place. of the hobbyists, TJ, number 387 said: "I managed an hour of the first round. It was awful, I was literally Knocked Out." For the other 548 participants who dropped out, it was a real battle. Many of the world's top riders who took part, were either literally or figuratively "knocked out" of the dramatic race. The battle against the elements was tough. Erik Eggens (NL) was in pole position when he was unlucky enough to fall. David Knight (UK), Marc de Reuver (NL) and Timotei Potisek (FR) were all in leading positions when their bikes broke down. RTL GP commentator, Allard Kalff, who also had the guts to take part, fell and broke his wrist in two places.Jurgen van den Goorbergh, the tough man from Breda, whose motor sport career knows no bounds, is training for the up-coming Dakar Rally and just conquered the Knock Out in the meantime. He said "I've found the ultimate kick in my motor sport career." He finished in a respectable 51st place.Everyone with a lot of guts and a motocross bike can take part in this unique and immeasurably difficult beach race. Even if they still have not signed up for the race two days before the start, but are brave enough to give the organizers a call, as in winner Steve Ramon's case. "The timing of the race wasn't very good for me, but I just really like beach races, so that's why I decided so late. I rode the race steadily at my own pace and never forced it. The most important thing is concentration," said the Belgian, who finished in second place in 2006.Just like last year, the third Red Bull Knock Out on Scheveningen beach was attended by 150,000 people. The 650 participants were from eight different countries. Amongst them were 50 of the world's top riders and a handful of Dutch celebrities, whilst the rest were fanatical amateurs. They were not only battling against each other, but also, first and foremost, against the elements of sand, sea and wind.Racing driver, Tim Coronel, is really sour after the race: "But it's become my new hobby," he announced triumphantly. "I beat my performance from last year, six laps!" Other Dutch celebrities didn't escape the race unhurt. SBS presenter Sjimmy Bruijninckx bruised her thumb. Boer Frans injured his elbow and Rintje Ritsma had to drop out due to engine trouble.