Columbus Endurocross Track Taking Shape - Dirt Rider Magazine

Are Endurocross courses getting easy, or are they just not finished with the track here in the arena at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH? The series has been great so far, so there's no reason to think this course will not be as gnarly, spectacular, and fun as any of the previous tracks in the six round series.As the track builders finish putting the obstacles together, be sure to get your tickets for the event this weekend, October 26. If you're an off-roader, you will be amazed at the skills on display and in a venue where even the worst seat will have you close enough to pick up on some riding techniques from the world's best. You usually will get a few lessons as well as to what not to do - sometimes these lessons come from the world's best, too. If you're not an off-road rider but love to see a good race, you can't do better than an Endurocross. The tight tracks with obstacles that are challenges just to get over, let alone race over, ensure tight racing in nearly every race. The racers will put on a great show. Believe it.If you've never experienced an Endurocross, don't miss you chance. Check out for more information and to buy tickets.