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Following the horrific practice crash that resulted in Taddy Blazusiak undergoing a four-hour operation during which time doctors attached metal plates to his left eye socket and both cheekbones, the KTM Enduro Factory Team rider is pleased to be back on a bike again and preparing for his return to full-time competition.Forced off a bike for a little over five weeks, and following several follow up visits to facial surgeons in both Austria and Poland, Taddy has been given a clean bill of health and is hard at work preparing himself for his return to competition - round four of the US Endurocross series, which takes place in Denver, CO, on September 27.Undergoing surgery at the Harborview Medical Centre in Seattle, WA, where he was diagnosed as having multiple broken bones in his face, Taddy spent one-week in hospital before being allowed to return home to Poland. Once back in Poland Taddy spent one-month doing little more than resting while his injuries healed.Now, having been told that he is fit to start riding again, Taddy is looking forward to his return to competition. While his chances of winning the '08 US Endurocross title are all but over, Taddy hopes to return to the podium during the second half of the series while readying himself for the start of the Indoor Enduro World Championship.Taddy Blazusiak: "I'm not 100 percent over my injuries yet, and I know it will be a little while until I'm back to my best, but it's great to be back on a bike again. What's weird about having been forced to take some time off while my body healed is that I feel like the rest has done me good, in a strange way. I'm looking forward to racing again, so I can put everything behind me and focus on the rest of the Endurocross championship and the Indoor World Enduro Championship."Things weren't too good for a while after the crash, but I guess that's to be expected considering what I did. The first week that I spent in hospital in the States wasn't much fun as I gave myself a pretty good concussion and was in a fair bit of discomfort. It was uncomfortable more than anything, and disappointing, too."For about three or four weeks I didn't feel like myself. I was getting headaches and generally feeling bad. But after four weeks things started to improve quickly, really quickly, and I feel ok now. Getting back on a bike is great. I don't think about what happened, or worry that it might happen again, it was one of those things and, well, it's behind me now."I can still fee that things aren't quite right yet when I put my goggles on, but it's not so painful that I can't ride now. I spent most of my first week back on a bike just play riding, nothing too serious. Everything went ok so I'm back to training on my Endurocross track again now. I feel pretty good, although I'm obviously not 100 per cent yet."I've decided that I will return to competition at the fourth round of the US Endurocross series, in Denver, CO. Although anything can happen I don't realistically stand much of a chance of winning the championship. My goal now is to try and win as many races as possible and use the events as preparation for the IEWC series, which starts in November."As I get ready to return to competition I'd like to say thank you to everyone that has contacted me since my accident to wish me well. The number of emails I received has been amazing. Also, to all my sponsors and especially KTM, thanks."www.taddy.pl