Race Tech Develops Suspension For Vintage CR250/480/500R - Dirt Rider Magazine

Race Tech has been actively working with many vintage dirt bike enthusiasts to provide the necessary products to rebuild and upgrade the Showa 41 and 43mm forks and the 40mm shocks on the vintage Honda CR models. A Fork Gold Valve Emulator for the 41mm forks is available (FEGV 4121) and for the 43mm forks (FEGV 4321). High Performance Fork Springs (FRSP 3750 Series) have been developed with .40, .42, .44 and .46mm/kg rates available. Race Tech also released Fork Seals (FSOS 41C P) and (FSOS 43C P) so the Vintage CR forks can be rebuilt and serviced to compliment the upgrades.

Race Tech has released the Gold Valve Shock Kit (SMGV 4001) and Shock Spring Kit (SESP 888 Series) with .44, .46, .48, .50 and .56mm/kg rates to update the performance of the shock. In addition, Race Tech can hard anodize the shock body and lower fork tubes to give the vintage suspension a better appearance and provide reduced friction and wear.

The FEGV 4121 and FEGV 4321 Gold Valve Emulator Kits retail for $169.99 and the FRSP 3750 Series Fork Springs retail for $109.99. The FKOS 31P and 34P (pair) Fork Seals retail for $24.99. The SMGV 4001 Shock Gold Valve Kit retails for $169.99 and the SESP 888 Series Shock Spring retails for $109.99.

Race Tech Vintage products and services are available by calling Customer Service at 951-279-6655 or please email: sales@racetech.com.