High Performance Clutch Plate Kits - Dirt Rider Magazine

For years in order to get a clutch pack that held the same standards and tolerances as stock you had to purchase well, stock.-can be used with OE baskets, inner hubs, & pressure plates
-developed with and recommended to enhance the performance of Hinson clutch baskets, inner hubs, and pressure plates
-provide optimum hook up with minimum heat build up
-exceptional production tolerances and flatness
-springs manufactured from high temperature steel, highly resistant to loosing their strength due to the high heat of today's 4-strokes
-all fiber plates use organic non-abrasive materials to avoid damage to rest of motor as plate materials break down and are circulated through engine by oil
-manufactured to OE specs using high quality materialsHinson Clutch Components is the premier manufacturer of high performance clutches & components, providing to all major factory race teams, including Team Honda, Team Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Team MDK KTM, Team Suzuki, & Team JGR Yamaha. Through this commitment they are proud to have won over 150, National & World, ATV, Supercross, Motocross, Supermoto and Off-Road Championships.For more info contact www.hinsonracing.com.