Bike Week 2008 Race Report - Dirt Rider Magazine Online

The Off Camber, Pro Moto Billet/Fastway Performance, Klim Gear, Rekluse Clutch, Yamaha race team headed for the sand and sunny skies of Daytona Beach, Florida the first week of March for Bike Week 2008. The first race on the schedule for the team was the GNCC which was held in Melbourne, Florida. The race track offered the usual Florida conditions, with sand, whoops, palmetto roots and very fast locals. This was the first time that all our team members were together, which meant that there was lots of work to get done before the racing began.Randy and Mandi Mastin both raced in the morning event. Randy had a good day finishing 2nd in the Masters A class and 17th overall. Randy said, "I am happy with my results today. It's the first race of the series and the only one that has track conditions like this. So, I'm just happy to be done with it and ready to head to Georgia." Mandi was content with her results also. She got 2nd in the Women's class and 26th overall. "I started off kind of slow today, but once I got going I had a great time. The course was really fast and wide open. It's always nice to come down here to Florida and race but it is a little out of our element. So I'm glad it's over, I got a good place and I'm ready to go to Georgia. Hopefully, once we get on trail and in the trees, I can keep up with Jacqueline!"Duane Conner lined up in the XC2 Pro-Lites class. Duane rode the GNCC Series last year, only last year he rode the Sportsman's class in the morning class. During the 2007 year, Duane dominated the morning race, winning 75% of the races last year. Over the winter he has been preparing for the step up to the Lites class. Unfortunately, struggling with bike set-up all day made for a long day and he eventually pulled off half way through. Duane will be heading to Georgia for the remainder of the week to see if he can get his bike dialed in before the General GNCC.Mark Cline moved up this year also from the morning race to the afternoon. Florida was the first race for the veteran Senior rider to experience the 3 hour long race. Mark finished 11th in the Senior B class out of 23 riders. Mark was happy with his results and we were happy for him too!!All riders were glad to have the Florida round out of the way and looked forward to getting back to more likable conditions. Before heading to the Georgia GNCC, Mandi stopped in Daytona to race the Alligator Enduro, where she finished 2nd in the Women's class.From Florida, the entire Off Camber Racing team headed north to Washington, Georgia for the 2nd round of the GNCC. Friday during the day and evening brought rain to the track. Conditions on Saturday were bitter cold and very windy. It looked as though the race conditions were going to be miserable for Sunday's race. However, Sunday the skies opened up and it turned out to be a beautiful day with racing conditions almost near perfect.Randy finished 2nd in the Masters A class, and was 5th overall in the morning race, just behind his class winner Jeff Fredette. This year should prove to be a very impressive and competitive year in the Masters A class, with Randy and Jeff both following the entire series. Randy was excited with his results, "I'm really happy with my results today. I'm happy to have gotten 5th overall and I'm working every week to get closer to getting a podium finish this year! This season is going to be fun with Jeff riding the series, we will be able to push each other every race." With two 2nd place finishes in the series, this gives Randy a 2 point lead over Jeff Fredette in the series points. Good job Randy!Mandi came back in Georgia and was able to redeem herself from Florida, by winning the Women's class by almost 4 minutes and an overall finish of 39th out of 350 riders. Winning round 2 of the series now ties the scores up for Mandi and Jacqueline, with each having a 1st and 2nd finish. "I thought I rode really well today. I was a little disappointed with my overall, but hopefully it will get better with the rounds to come. The track was awesome with almost perfect conditions. There were a couple of deep mud holes and bottlenecks out there, but I was fortunate to have picked the right lines and didn't have any problems all day."Duane Conner started his day out great. He got a mid pack start and was hanging there for the first 3 laps, but was overcome by a terrible pain in his side, that we hope is nothing major. Monica, Duane's wife, assured us that she would make sure that Duane would go see his doctor this week to make sure that things are okay.Mark Cline again raced in the Senior B class. Mark did a very fine job and improved his results from Florida by getting 9th in his class out of 23 riders. This puts Mark in 6th place for the series points after 2 rounds. Mark is determined to win his class and with results like this, we have no doubt that his determination will get him a win this year!The team was pleased with their results, since much of the bike prep was done the weekend before the green flag dropped. All the members of the team are looking forward to the North Carolina GNCC. With a couple weekends off for Mark and Duane, this will give them some more time to work on bike set-up before the next event.The next race for Off Camber Racing will be March 30, 2008 in Morganton, North Carolina for the 3rd round of the GNCC Series. Check out the website at to view the team schedule, race reports and current updates.Off Camber Racing would like to thank all its sponsors; Pro Moto Billet / Fastway, Klim, Rekluse, Yamaha, Maxxis, Bel-Ray, Dirttricks, Clarke Mfg., EBC Brakes, Works Connection, FMF, Steahly Off-road, Scott, PG Graphics, Regina Chains, Factory Connection and Championship Powersports. Without the help of all these companies and the great people behind these products are team would not be able to keep going out there and winning every weekend! Thank You!!