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The most important vote all year - make it count!****Final VoteThis is the final decision for Sun Valley Motocross.L. A. City Council will make it's last vote to support or stop the track.We need as many people to come as possible.The City Council vote on Sun Valley Motocross has been Scheduled for Friday February 1st at 10am.A huge attendance at this meeting is really needed.Please bring as many people as you can.Everyone who shows will get a Sun Valley Motocross Pin and be eligible for a free track day.Please wear your MX jerseys!The City Council Meeting on Friday, February 1st will be held at:Marvin Braude San Fernando Valley Constituent Center
First Floor conference room
6262 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys 91401If the City Council votes to uphold our Zoning Approval, we're just weeks away from the Dirt Wurx designed and built tracks to be open!If Sun Valley Motocross is new to you, please see