KTM's Kurt Caselli - WORCS 2007 Champ - Dirt Rider Magazine

Taft, CA- Red Bull KTM's Kurt Caselli won the WORCS Championship after a tight points chase all season long.Caselli had a nine point lead over Nathan Woods going into the last round at Taft. In order to win the championship Caselli knew he had to be first or second to stay ahead of Woods.As the gate dropped for the final race, Caselli's teammate Justin Soul grabbed the holeshot with Caselli inside the top ten. Soul lost the lead but managed to stay in second place until half way into the first lap when he crashed and dropped into 9th. Near the same point Caselli crashed and dropped from his then 5th place position into 8th. At the end of the first lap Caselli remained in 8th position four spots back from his main rival, Woods.It was not long before Caselli began his charge and moved his KTM quickly into the 3rd position. Woods was in second place and made the pass for the lead. Caselli stayed close behind and at the half way point managed to pass into 2nd place right before the gas stop. Caselli knew that a second place finish would be enough to secure the championship. Therefore, he played it safe and rode a solid race through the finish earning his first WORCS Championship. "This championship means a lot to me. I have been working very hard the past couple of years to win and with the support of a great team it's finally happened. I head over to Chile for the ISDE this coming week and I hope to carry this momentum with me to do well for the USA Team," remarked Caselli after his championship win.Soul rode a commendable race, but made a few mistakes early on that kept him out of the top five. He finished 7th overall which ranked him 6th in overall season points.Congratulations to the Red Bull KTM WORCS Racing Team for their endless hours of hard work which paid off with their first championship win.Race results- Round 12 Taft, CA:
1. Nathan Woods
2. Kurt Caselli - KTM
3. Ricky Dietrich
4. Bobby Garrison
5. Damon Huffman
6. Robby Bell
7. Justin Soul - KTM
8. Jamie Lanza
9. Scott Simon
10. Daryl EcklundOverall Championship Results:
1. Kurt Caselli - KTM
2. Nathan Woods KAW
3. Robby Bell HON
4. Ryan Hughes SUZ
5. Bobby Garrison YAM
6. Justin Soul - KTM
7. Ricky Dietrich KAW
8. Matt Karlsen KAW
9. Kyle Summers KAW
10. Destry Abbott KAW