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ALISO VIEJO, CA (November 13th, 2007) - AdventureTRAK, Inc. announced today the highly-anticipated arrival of the SPOT Personal Tracking Device. SPOT is a brand new GPS satellite messenger unit that is available for sales and rentals at SPOT's are designed to work with total satellite-based communications, meaning that the unit should be able to function virtually anywhere in the world, even in areas that do not have any mobile coverage whatsoever. SPOT users can be tracked via Google Maps by authorized users if they wish, and can also send out a variety of messages to friends, family or emergency response personnel using one of the three integrated communications buttons on the device. Checking in to let others know that you're OK, sending a non-emergency request for assistance, or even sending a 911 message to a G.E.O.S. Emergency Response Center to get help on the way are all possible with SPOT."This is a really cool GPS tracking device," said AdventureTRAK General Manager Jeff Emde, "and for less than $250 out the door, it's a great tool for anybody to have if you ever find yourself in an area with weak cell phone coverage, or with no coverage at all. You can send for help, check in with family, and even convey your position to others with the push of a button."SPOT units are available for purchase for $149.99, plus a 1-year service plan of $99.99, or for rent for the special introductory rate of $25 a week. All AdventureTRAK rental units will come equipped with optional features such as live internet tracking capabilities and global search and rescue coverage of up to $100,000 in the event that you find yourself in a life-threatening position.ABOUT ADVENTURETRAK: AdventureTRAK is an authorized dealer of GPS units from SPOT and OmniScout, and also carries satellite telephones and accessories from Iridium. AdventureTRAK will soon be operating the AdventureTRAK Command Center 24 hours a day so that all customers will have the ability to contact a live representative and receive directions, roadside assistance, or emergency response services from virtually any location. For more about AdventureTRAK, visit or contact Jeff Emde at (502) 303-1879.AdventureTRAK, Inc. 15 Enterprise, Suite 110 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656. (800) 984-7691 x201