ORBA Press Release - Dirt Rider Magazine

BAKERSFIELD, CA (September 12, 2007) At its monthly board meeting the ORBA Board of Directors voted to appoint Randy Weisser to fill the board position recently vacated by Howard Hughes, the former owner of ORW and a founding member of ORBA. Rocky Trevino, Chairman of the Board, stated "We are grateful for the dedication Howard has shown to ORBA and the off-road community. He will be missed."In June of 2007 Randy Weisser purchased ORW. When the opportunity presented itself to buy an off-road related business, it was a perfect fit for Randy. He started going to the desert when he was seven years old. Randy has been married for 26 years and has five children. Not only has he enjoyed off-roading with his family but he also competed in the SCORE race series from 1975 to 1982 in a Class One buggy. Currently he is a co-sponsor of the All German Motor Sports race team."As a life-long off-roader, I am very excited about now owning a business in the industry that I have enjoyed for many years. The fact that ORW has a great reputation in the community was a major factor in my decision to buy ORW, and I intend to continue the tradition of excellent products and service under my ownership. Getting involved with ORBA as a Director and helping protect our industry and guide the future of ORBA is just icing on the cake," stated Randy. In addition to being the owner of ORW, Randy is a real estate developer and owner of Unique Lighting Systems in Escondido, CA.