Twenty20 Adds to Your Experience with Take20 Video - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

Twenty20 has been providing Helmet Cameras and Motorcycle Cameras so powersports enthusiasts can capture their experiences on film, and up until this point they have been able to help you every step of the way in acquiring your footage. In an effort to continue aiding powersports enthusiasts in their video adventures, Twenty20 has added Take20, a video editing service to its mix.Take20 Video is a familiar service with a groundbreaking aim, consumer level editing. Currently there are two avenues in the world of video editing; buy your own software and edit video yourself as an amateur, or pay a professional studio several thousand dollars to do it for you. Take20 Video is the first editing service to position itself so that video editing services can be reasonably afforded by the average consumer.The process itself is fairly simple:
Step 1 - The consumer will go out and film or may have already filmed something that is special to them. These films could be any number of track days, races, training sessions, or they could be non powersports related events such as birthdays, Christmas parties, or, well, maybe not that...
Step 2 - Once the consumer has something they want edited they chose one of three Take20 editing programs available. Each program has different features that will allow customers to pick the music used, exact footage to use, and the types of techniques they enjoy.
Step 3 - Send the footage to the editing team at Take20 Video and poof, in a couple of weeks a neatly wrapped DVD arrives in the mail.Take20 Video was able to price their services to be consumer price friendly by designing editing packages that strip out most of the extra costs of a professional studio. From the basic "Rip and Burn" package that converts any camcorder tape into a DVD complete with menus, music, and custom cover artwork for just $50; to the privateer and professional programs that boast precise editing techniques, sound integration, and advanced cinematography for $249-$399 per respectively.Take20 will make use of many editing techniques that are usually only seen on a professional level, all the while limiting these offerings to those that add the greatest effect and yet are still conscious of the budget constraints of each program. The customer will always know what they are likely to see before they even begin their order, and in case of the professional program the customer will get to proof a draft copy of the work before the DVD is finalized.Consumers today have spent a lot of money collecting camcorders, Helmet cameras, digital cameras and everything in between. Now Take20 Video has a solution to help Powersports enthusiasts relive all those memories through a single, professionally edited video.For more information on Take20 video visit their website at or call them at 866/397-6920.