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The Price Field Office of BLM is planning to hire an "OHV Volunteer Coordinator." This position will be funded with help from the State OHV Fund. Since your registration fees and gas taxes will be paying the wages of the person whom the BLM hires we thought it would be very important that the person whom gets this job be an "enthusiast" or at least a "pro-motorized" person. In order to help accomplish this task the BLM has agreed to allow new candidates to be added to it's quickhire list.The person must be on the quickhire list in order to be eligible for the position. New candidates must apply on-line through the link provided below. The position will be advertised for only eight days: From Monday the 8th through Monday the 15th of August.If you are interested or know of anyone who would be interested please get this information to them and get an application filed ASAP! We feel that it is critical that an "OHV Volunteer Coordinator" be an enthusiast who actually owns and operates an OHV. In order to satisfy our requests, the BLM has opened their quickhire list for new applicants. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to improve the relationship between OHV enthusiasts and BLM managers while at the same time improving the opportunities available in the Price Field Office Management Area.Sincerely,
Alan J. PetersonNHRMC-2005-0202 Park Ranger / Rec Tech Price UT
Opening dates: Monday August 8 thru Monday August 15
Apply at: you have any questions call me:Tom Gnojek
Outdoor Recreation Planner/Wilderness Specialist
Bureau of Land Management, Price Field Office
Price, UT 84501