National Enduro Series, Lafferty Beats the Heat at Round Six - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

What you'd think would be a nice cool, moist time of year in the northern-most part of Michigan proved to be just the opposite for round six of the National Enduro Series. No measurable rain for nearly a month and the temperatures nearing triple digits made this already tough enduro a survival race.Six very tight and rocky test sections challenged riders over the 155-mile course and once again Lafferty was the quickest.A 9.5-mile section started the day and Lafferty began his lead, gaining one point on Kawasaki's Steve Hatch and two or more on the rest of the field. A broken shift lever in the next section slowed his charge a bit but he was still able to tie Hatch with a seven. A short but tough 6-miler finished up the first loop and once again Lafferty and Hatch lead the field with fives.The next section on the second loop opened up a little but was much dustier; while Hatch and David Lykke were in at ten minutes late, Lafferty was only nine. Most of the top riders were close at the end of the second loop, but a brand new 12-miler was still waiting for them in the third.A very tough 12 miles took it's toll to fishing out the day as Lafferty came through with a 14, Lykke and Hatch had 15s and the rest did their best to stay under 20 minutes late.Round 6, National Enduro Series - Marquette, MI
1) Mike Lafferty KTM 43
2) Steve Hatch KAW 47
3) David Lykke KTM 53
4) Blair Bersano YAM 54
5) John Barber GG 55
6) Matt Stavish HON 56
7) Nick Fahringer KTM 57
8) Chris Gallt KAW 67
9) Leonard Keen KTM 69
10) Billy Russell KTM 71