"No Worries" Prize Package for Glen Helen 12-Hour from L.A. Sleeve/Pro-X - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

"No Worries" Prize Package for Glen Helen 12-Hour from L.A. Sleeve/Pro-XL.A.Sleve/Pro-X along with Transient Motorwerx, Maxxis, Dubach Racing and IMS are proud to announce the "No Worries" prize packages for Round Two of the Glen Helen 12-hour Endurance event, July 2, 2005.

The first 5 teams to have one of their bikes seize during the 12-hour event will receive a 50% discount certificate for all L.A.Sleve/Pro-X products. At the end of the event, one team out of five teams with a seized bike will be picked out of a drawing to receive a new top end rebuild kit as well as a set of brand new Maxxis tires.The grand prize winner will also have the option to have Transient Motorwerx do the top end labor at no cost! And one more thing, the winning blown up bike will also get a DR. D full exhaust system and a set of new IMS Pro Series pegs.During the event, teams must push the bike to the impound area to have a Pro-X official check the bike. Also Pro-X and Maxxis will be providing track support and specials on their products on race day.Blown bottom ends/transmissions do not apply. Rules and requirements are subject to change without notice. Pro-X/L.A. Sleve/Transient Motorwerx/Maxxis/Dubach Racing/IMS can cancel all prizes without cause or reason at any time.