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Tunisia Rally Stage Three: Tamerza - SabriaStage 291 km, Special 240 km

David Casteu (KTM 660) won his first African special — in part thanks to his "guide," the Chilean Carlo De Gavardo (KTM), solid leader of the 450 class. It wasn't however such a good day for the favourite and overall leader Cyril Despres who got lost twice, once after his cap repeater packed up and again when his trip "misbehaved." In all the Dakar winner lost over 15 minutes, allowing his rivals to group up behind him — among them his team mate, the young American Chris Blais, who is now only 2 minutes behind the leader.3rd stage result
1. Casteu, KTM
2. De Gavardo, KTM 1:57
3. Blais, KTM 6:20
4. Poli, KTM 8:18
5. Despres, KTM 14:10
6. Graziani, KTM 15:18
7. Meilatt, Honda 19:20Overall
1. Despres, KTM
2. Blais, KTM 2:10
3. De Gavardo, KTM 3:21
4. Casteu, KTM 3:32
5. Graziani, KTM 23:45
6. Grider, KTM 38:58
7. Floirac, KTM 1h1:07