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Here are some of the details of the Gas Gas ISDE rental program:
For U.S. Trophy and Junior Team members, you get a fully prepared and set up motorcycle, plus assistance (fuel, tools, parts, food/drinks at checkpoints and assistance at the end of each day) and a security deposit to cover replacement spare parts or possible damage to the motorcycle basically for free. That is a $2,700 value for a two-stroke model and a $3,300 value for a four-stroke.U.S. Club Team members get the same treatment as above but must spend just a little cash in the order of $900 for a two-stroke model and $1,200 for the four-stroke. That works out to a savings of $1,800 and $2,100 on a two-stroke and four-stroke, respectively.The models available in Poland will be the 2005 EC 125, 200, 250 & 300 two-strokes and the FSE 450 four-stroke. You can check on www.gas-gas.net for model specifications.