Letter of the Week - New Bike, Needs Mods?

I became the proud owner of a 2007 CRF450R and was wondering if you guys knew of any good mods to put on it.

Jack Helget

Clearwater, MN

The 2007 Honda CRF450R is such an all around good bike, great score! I'd start by figuring out how many hours are on it and probably would have the suspension refreshed with new oils and fork seals. The 2007 had good valving for motocross and was sprung for about a 180 pound rider, so if you are near that weight you'll be happy on the motocross track. If you are much lighter or heavier than the 180 mark I'd suggest getting the suspension sprung for your size. Check the valve clearance on the engine and make sure everything is within spec. The foot pegs were kind of tragic in 2007 and your feet will thank you if you get some wider aftermarket units. I'm always the guy who is going to suggest that you make sure your bike isn't loud, and the packing in the five-year-old muffler is probably toast. Those stock mufflers are a pain to repack and companies like FMF make nice slip-on mufflers that are quiet, have a spark arrestor if you're riding off-road, and work great. Get out and have some fun! —Adam Booth