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Josh Grant came into the 450 class in Supercross this year in dramatic style by taking the opening round victory at Anaheim one with a tuff block cover smoking from his rear wheel. He continued the season with more strong finishes to finish fourth overall in his rookie year in the class. Josh was looking good on his Joe Gibbs Racing YZ450 out at Milestone last week, and talked with us about the upcoming Nationals.Pete Peterson: Where have you been practicing and testing?Josh Grant: We got just a couple weeks of testing after supercross so we really haven't had that much time. I've been back in North Carolina and I came out to California before Glen Helen to see how the set-up we came up with in North Carolina would work out here.PP: And how are the settings working?****JG:**** Good. We've just got to tweak a few things here and there when the guys get in town for the race. Once we do that I think we're gonna be money.PP: How do you feel on the 450 outdoors?****JG:**** I feel good. I feel comfortable on it and I've always liked riding it outdoors and having that much more power. My bike's awesome this year and I can't wait to see how it goes at the first round.PP: What do you prefer, supercross or motocross?****JG:**** I like both. They both have their ups and downs. But outdoors is where it all started and I think that's probably my favorite.PP: You had a really good supercross season, what does that do for your confidence going into the outdoors?****JG:**** It's good knowing I can be up there and run with those guys. I just want to keep my goals the same, top five every weekend. And to try to get on the podium as much as I can would be another realistic goal.PP: How about the fans. Can you hear and see them more in supercross or motocross?****JG:**** The fans are way crazier in the outdoors, hanging over the fence, waving towels, they get more freedom out there and I think that's what brings that type of crowd. I think it's cool.PP: Is there any one guy that you definitely want to beat in this outdoor series?JG: Villopoto, for sure.Watch for more rider interviews here on as we lead into this big weekend and the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals at Glen Helen on May 23.