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Kevin Barda
_Long-distance runner and running coach; proud member of the Fluffy Bunny Track Club, the USATF club team champions (40+ class); former USATF 5000 individual champion (30-39 class); teacher and running coach at Victor Valley College; third overall at the 2008 Hangtown Crossover Challenge; one of those crazy guys who gets up early to run long distances. 41 years old_I started racing BMX first, which I think is the best thing you can do for motocross. At about 18 years old I got a motorcycle.In December 1986, I got a bike from Bruce McDougal. He finished second the first year Marty Smith won his championship. I got his CR500, of all bikes. I did a race that summer, and in one year's time I went from racing 500 beginner to, that next summer in that same CMC series, a 500 pro. Then I raced the Trans-Cal as a pro, the Golden State nationals as a pro, and quit riding. Money, deciding to go to school-life just got in the way.I did the Crossover (supercross) back in Anaheim. I only had one lap of practice. On the first set of triples (we only double in) I doubled it right behind Randy Lawrence. I just figured he was going the right speed. Had a little leap of faith there.The reason I ride, more than anything, is it's just the feeling that you can't replace. No matter what I do-I went parachuting this year-it's not the same. I don't know what it is, I don't know if anyone can put their finger on it, but clearly all of us get hurt and get back on the bike.Motocross is definitely no help for running. If any little thing is bothering you running, you feel it, because you are the machine. It would be kinda like trying to ride a moto with a flat spot on your wheel. It's just not gonna work.I've worked as a trainer for a couple of guys. I helped Josh Grant for his first year, the Alessis when they were amateurs for a little while, I trained Kurtis Roberts, the roadracer, for three years. We end up just cycling, because they're so sore all the time from the constant riding, or they've had so many injuries over the years that running's difficult.My friends will make fun of me because I've actually run to the races. My wife will drive my vehicle there and I'll run 10, 15 miles there and then race. My fitness level's so high, but even then, when I get done with a good day of motoing, I'm feeling it.