Unadilla Announces 2013 MX Rewind: June 14-16

(New Berlin, NY, February 7, 2013)- Unadilla Motocross in New Berlin, New York is pleased to announce the return of MX Rewind on June 14-16, 2013. Building the success of last year's inaugural event, MX Rewind 2013 is poised to return bigger, stronger and with even more fun planned.

"We had a great time last year celebrating the history of the great sport of Motocross' states Unadilla's Greg Robinson. 'With over fifteen famous legends in attendance from Friday right through Sunday, including three World Champions, it was a very special event! For 2013, riders can once again expect to arrive to a grass covered Unadilla, just like it was back in the day."

All the popular historical classes, events and features of MX Rewind will be back in 2013--- vintage and post vintage cross-country and motocross racing, well known legends, a better and strong swap meet, as well as bike shows, meet and greets, bench racing, the legends challenge, and nightly entertainment. 2013 will also feature vintage trials competition as well. As long as your bike meets the vintage or post vintage guidelines, you are eligible to race on the famed Unadilla Pro Track. Check the rules for more details - but the cutoff date for racing is 1996, so all motorcycles built and sold as a 1996 and prior are potentially eligible for competition.

You don't have to have a pristine vintage bike to become part of the racing action. There are a lot of older bikes out there for sale that will allow you to become part of the racing action at for a great price. And for those who just want to step back in time and remember the Good 'Ole Days, a full weekend of on and off the track activities await. Spectator camping is available or racers and fans can choose from a number of chain hotels in the area.

For more information about MX Rewind 2013 on June 14-16, visit www.mxrewind.com or call 607/965-8450.

About Unadilla MX: Unadilla MX began promoting Motocross races at its current facility in New Berlin, NY in 1969. Run by the Robinson Family since its inception, Unadilla hosted the "Inter Am", Trans Am, Trans USA, and began hosting the 250cc U.S. Grand Prix in 1978. It was the first track in the U.S. to host the prestigious MX des Nations in 1987, and has been a stop on the American Pro National MX circuit since 1992. All historically significant MX riders in the world have strapped on the leather and kicked the lever at Unadilla.