FMF Keeps It Real at Stimilon Motocross Challenge


The Stimilon Motocross Challenge has enjoyed tremendous support in 2012. Not to be outdone, FMF Racing has stepped up to support the Stimilon Motocross Challenge in a very unique way. FMF is sponsoring a specific class - Keepin It Real (2 stroke open) - with an original type of contingency. Riders who run an FMF sticker on their front and rear fenders will be eligible to win cool product from FMF. Winners of this specific class will get the following: 1st place will get a complete FMF 2 stroke exhaust system of choice (Pipe and Silencer), 2nd Place will get an FMF Pipe of choice and 3rd place will get an FMF Silencer of choice. Stickers will be supplied at check in and a sticker must be on the bike at both the beginning and end of the race.

"We have supported Stimilon and their events since the beginning," explains FMF Industry Guru Donny (Little D) Emler, "However, after seeing this years video invite, we knew we had to step it up for this infamous race/party. We are big supporters of the 2 stroke scene and Dave (Olcott) and I worked out a deal that was perfect for both of us. We are stoked to be a part of this year's event!"

"I always ran FMF pipes on my 2 strokes and they were awesome!" exclaimed Stimilon Promoter Dave Olcott, "So when Donny came to the table with this idea I said 'let's do it!' because it was so cool. I love that FMF is helping us to Keep It Real at our event - haha!"

As of press time the Keepin It Real class was only 2 spots away from a complete sell out because at the Stimilon Motocross Challenge they only sell 40 spots per class to avoid unnecessary qualifiers. This gives all of the riders more racing laps, more practice and more fun. So if you want a chance at winning an FMF exhaust, sign up at today, put some FMF stickers on your fenders, and go to the event. Day of sign up is always accepted however, Pre Registration discounts end this Friday May 18. So get on it!

Stimilon Motocross Challenge

May 25-27

MX 338, Southwick, MA

Details and online Sign up at

2012 Video Invite