Ride for the Cure - Dirt Rider Magazine

Riding motorcycles is awesome, but riding for a good cause is even better. And what better cause than breast cancer awareness month? In honor of this noble October charity, the third annual Ride for the Cure event went down last weekend at the massive Rynoland Motocross Training Facility in Anza, California. The event was a huge hit, with a raffle, a "bra parade" and a huge vendor row, with all proceeds being sent to a local cancer research center called Michelle's Place (www.michellesplace.org). Kawasaki also had a huge presence at the event, as a beginner's riding school was conducted for a few special guests. Here are some photos from the event:

Forget Whales!
Kawasaki assembled a crack squad of instructors to teach some private riding lessons.
Turnout was solid for the raffle, as a number of great prizes were given off to the lucky riders in attendance.
Even the really young bucks got a shot at riding.
The trails at Rynoland were epic as always.
Yes, that's Ryan Hughes in a pink bra.
Rich Van Every, we like your style!
Nice wings, kid.
Many dirt bike school participants were very first timers.
Kawasaki KLX140s and 140Ls provided the perfect platform for newbies to cut their teeth on.
By the end of the day, many of the beginner riders were cruising with confidence!
A watchful instructor relays some advice to the eager first-timers.
Kawasaki public relations manager Jan Plessner and media relations coordinator Greg Lasiewski talk shop between the motos.