Letter Rip! Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dual Personality
I have read this mag since you guys started. When the Wolfman howled and you TOOK the torch from Dirt Bike magazine. Thanks for all the trail tips and pro riding secrets. I, like everyone else, have evolved from trail riding to racing. Now I1m going another direction and I really want you guys to come.I just purchased a 08 EXC-R 530 and I am hooked on dual sporting. A true dirt weapon, its worth the bucks. Not getting hounded by officials is priceless.I have some writing experience on a high school paper and in the U.S. Navy I wrote on our ship paper. Could I contribute and do a dual sport section? I love the racing articles but I think as more and more restrictions are put on our sport and our SPOTS, Dual sports are the future.I recently did a ride from Hesperia to Big Bear and the shots are amazing.Let me know if I should mail them to you guys. Thanks again for providing a more complete view of our sport as a whole. Not over focusing just on SX/MX like those other sheep-like magazines.
Jesse KingYou are still a dirt bike rider you've just adapted your bike to meet the regulations. Don't forget that. A dual sport rider rides 50/50 pavement/dirt. You don't want a dual sport section in this magazine, trust me. But feel free to contribute, we're just pretty picky about what makes the pages because we have so few for all the stuff there is to cover. There are some specific magazines for that interest like Adventure Rider and Dual Sport News if that is all you are into though. - Jimmy