Empire Creek Trail Reopened - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dear Dirt Rider,

I received an email from the USFS, Joe Chavez , that an illegal trail closure sign will come down and the trail will be included in the trail designation process as a legal route. The no motorized sign went up in 1996. I have been increasingly persistent the last few years, including private meetings, field trips, official meetings, emails, phone calls and much more. The USFS did not have a NEPA document and site specific planning document to support the closure of this trail.The fact is, in many cases the USFS does not have the legal documentation to support many such "NO OHV" closure signs. If you have trails which have "Closed" signs, I suggest that you use the Freedom of Information Act and request a copy of the NEPA document and the site specific planning document, as well as the record of the required public meetings for each trail within the USFS areas you ride, just because it has a "NO OHV" sign, does not necessarily indicate a legal closure.

Being persistent does pay off and I hope many of you will not give up and continue to help keep public lands open to OHV.

Individuals do make a difference.

Dave WoodDear Dave,Kudos to you and Steve for taking the time and initiative to look into the trail closure. It's good to see how knowledge and persistence can work to our advantage in fightin' the good fight. Hopefully others will follow your lead and help keep these trail closures honest.Dirt Rider Magazine

We want to take the opportunity to remind everyone: DO NOT RIDE ON CLOSED TRAILS!!! Even if you suspect they are not legally closed.To recap, here's what you can do:Through the Freedom of Information Act, request copies of:

• The NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) document • The site specific planning document • Records of the required public meetings for each trail

For contact info on who to request the above information from, log on to the USDA Forest Service website at www.fs.fed.us.